An Internationally Educated Nurse’s Perspective on Nursing in Canada

  • Edward Cruz Faculty of Nursing, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Keywords: internationally educated nurse, stigma, Canada


In Kristeva’s (1991) By What Right Are You a Foreigner?, she described the historic images of a foreigner, how these individuals are stigmatized, their otherness in a society that paradoxically welcomes and, to a certain extent, puts them on ‘leash’ as a means of controlling these foreigners, these others. Reflecting on this article, and being an immigrant and an internationally-educated nurse (IEN) from a developing country, the author reflects on Kristeva’s work in relation to the discourse on IENs’ experiences, along with his personal reflections, experiences, and journey of becoming and being a nurse in Canada, with the hope of initiating a dialogue to address the issues surrounding IEN transitioning in Canada.


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Cruz, E. (2021). An Internationally Educated Nurse’s Perspective on Nursing in Canada. Journal of Health and Caring Sciences, 3(1), 43-54.