Every issue of JHCS contains an editorial which discussed emerging issues, views, and scientific opinion of an Editor of the journal.


Original Article

These include theoretical/philosophical papers, research methodology articles, quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method studies. The text of original articles should have a maximum of 3000 words for theoretical/ philosophical papers, research methodology articles and quantitative studies and 3500 words for qualitative and mixed-method studies (including tables, figures, illustrations, and references) and up to 30 references. The abstract should have a maximum of 300 words and should have the following parts: Background, Methodology, Result, Discussion, and Conclusion.


Review Article

Review articles that are relevant in the field of health, nursing, and caring science are welcomed. It should have a maximum of 5000 words (excluding abstract, tables, figures, and reference list), up to 50 references, and up to 6 tables and/or figures. Authors who are submitting a systematic review and/or meta-analysis should respectively follow the PRISMA guidelines.


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are published occasionally and contain short and decisive observations related to articles previously published in the Journal. It should contain a maximum of 1000 words and five references. No abstract and keywords necessary. 


Research Notes

Research notes explore timely concepts relevant to the current theme of the journal or the aim and scope of the journal. Members of the editorial team may submit research notes which will pass through the review process. Authors who are not member of the editorial team may submit research notes when vetted by at least two members of the editorial team. The research note must have a text of not more than 4000 words (including tables, figures, illustrations, and references) references of not more than 40 and a 300 word unstructured abstract