The editorial process of the journal strictly follows a double-blind peer review so as to ensure the quality of the published manuscript. The acceptance of the manuscript for publication will depend on the value of its contribution to nursing knowledge, health, and caring sciences. The following outlines the editorial process of the journal.

  1. Upon the submission of the manuscript, the Secretariat will conduct an initial screening to determine the completeness and if it conforms to the scope and citation style of the journal. If the submitted article passes the initial screening, it will be forwarded to the managing editor.
  2. If the managing editor finds that the submitted manuscript is not of sufficient quality or if the subject of the manuscript may not be appropriate to the focus and scope of the journal, the manuscript will be rejected. On the other hand, if the managing editor finds the submitted manuscript is of sufficient quality and appropriate to the focus and scope of the journal, two members of the editorial review board will be assigned for peer review.
  3. The authors can use their respective profiles to monitor the progress of the review process of the submitted manuscript.
  4. The reviewers will be provided with a Reviewer’s Report Form which they will accomplish and submit after the review along with their recommendation. The editorial decision for the reviewed manuscript can be one of the following: a.) Accept for publication; b.) Accept with minor revision; c.) Accept with major revision; d.) Paper is unacceptable for publication but can be accepted once all the revisions have been made; e.) Paper is wholly unacceptable and no need to resubmit a revised version
  5. The manuscripts that have been accepted for publication will further undergo modifications in order to conform with the style of the journal.