Establishing a Pathway to Define Nursing Informatics Practice: Defining a Clear Scope of the Specialty Practice

  • John Francis Faustorilla
Keywords: Informatics Nurse, Informatics Nurse Specialist, Informatics Nurse Flowchart, Nursing Informatics Practice, Scope of Nursing Informatics Practice


Informatics Nurse Practice needs to be clearly delineated and presented to the Nursing Community and relevant stakeholders in the Allied Health Profession. With the advent of the COVID-19, the Digital Economy has moved innovations in healthcare with great speed, breadth, and depth. The emergence of data scientists practicing in healthcare, together with data analysts and data scientists, blur the line between the practice demarcations between professions. It is imperative to clearly define the scope of Informatics Nurse and Informatics Nurse Specialist Practice through existing definitions of Nursing informatics Practice by International and National Organizations advocating for its advancement. This paper aims to present a clear flowchart that any practitioner can use to clearly define whether their practice in a healthcare setting with nurses involved can be considered as Informatics Nurse or Informatics Nurse Specialist practice.


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