The Effect of Healing Garden to Improve the Patients Healing: An Integrative Literature Review

  • Agustina Sri Oktri Hastuti Stikes Panti Rapih of Jogjakarta, Indonesia
  • Josephine Lorica St. Paul University Philippines, Tuguegarao, Philippines
Keywords: healing garden, holistic healing, hospital, patients


Background: Healing Garden (HG) is developed as one of the therapies that do not only help in the physical recovery of the patient but also helps to restore mental, social, and spiritual health. This paper aims to determine the benefit of Healing Garden for the patients in the hospital and to produce evidence that Healing Garden relates to the positive experiences of the patients and contributes to their feeling of well-being.

Method: The study utilized An Integrative Literature Review of Literatures through EBSCO, ProQuest, and Google Scholar. The articles searched were within 10 years, starting in 2007 until 2017 using the following terms for Boolean Search: “Healing Garden AND/OR Healing environment AND Hospital”. Systematic search related to the topic was started on January 26, 2018 to February 6, 2018.

Results: The results of the study revealed seven themes which include 1). Nature provides positive energy for patients, 2) Healing Garden as a protected self-expression space, 3). Healing Garden has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients both physically and psychologically 4). Nature provides space to relate and socialize for patients and families, 5). Garden therapy as a bridge between the outside and spiritual world, 6) Nurses have an important role as a professional in creating a healing environment, and 7). The garden as a “Healing Garden” that should be visible, accessible, quiet, and comfortable.

Conclusion: The report of the study gives an overview that Healing Garden therapy has the various advantage that can effectively accelerate holistic healing. It is recommended to build healing gardens such as at the workplaces, schools, public areas, and other places where people can relax and unwind.


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